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How to Install Wordpress Manually

Removing the WordPress Version Generator Tag

You may have noticed if you view the page source code for your Wordpress website you will find something like:

Which basically says the blog is using Wordpress 3.2.1. Some people say showing the version can be a security risk which hackers can take advantage of.
Depending on your Wordpress theme and/or framework you might be able to simply remove it from header.php. If it is in your header.php file it might look something like this:

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How to Install Wordpress Manually

Brand WordPress Login & Registration with your Logo

If your website is a Wordpress based site and you allow users to sign up and login to your site you might consider branding the login and registration pages with your logo.

With all the talk about branding we constantly hear about why not make these pages look a little more professional and branded too. Just because you are familiar with Wordpress and the related login and registration pages doesn’t mean everyone else is. Some people may have no idea what Wordpress is, not to mention what the standard logo looks like. If you add a simple logo that resembles your website they will at least know they are still on your website.

I am not talking about a bunch of fancy coding, re-writing, or changing a bunch of Wordpress files. I am simply referring to adding your logo to the pages where user / members would login and / or register. Basically swapping the big (W) Wordpress logo at the top of the login and registration pages with your own.

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How to Install Wordpress Manually

How to learn WordPress for Free

Wordpress is one of the few popular scripts out there that really is easy to learn and master. Like anything it will take time to get the hang of it. The more time you spend with it the easier it becomes. If you spend enough time experimenting it will become second nature. You won’t even need to think, you will be able to just whip something out in a matter of minutes.

Quote from Wordpress:
[quote]WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time. More simply, WordPress is what you use when you want to work with your blogging software, not fight it.[/quote]

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How to Install Wordpress Manually

A new WordPress theme template design

I spent the better part of this past week working on a new Wordpress theme and design for this website. I liked my old theme well enough it was just a little on the simple and basic side. There wasn’t much additional features and control in the back-end administration area as I would have liked. I found myself modifying, editing, and re-writing a variety of code way too often.

So I decided to give Woo Themes a try. I have used some of their themes in the past and have been very pleased with the back-end, which comes with a decent easy to use framework. Woo Themes is also one of the few premium Wordpress themes out there that offers an assortment of free themes with free framework. You really can’t go wrong with that. And, they actually work well. I have tried some free Wordpress themes in the past and the administration control just doesn’t work very well.

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How to Install Wordpress Manually

To follow or not to follow comment replies

I like messing with Wordpress code or any other website software script’s code for that matter. Sometimes just for fun. Other times to change or modify the behavior of something. The thing about Wordpress is it is pretty simple and difficult to really mess something up. Not that it isn’t possible to mess your website up, but much more difficult compared to some of the others I use.

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How to Install Wordpress Manually

Scheduling WordPress Posts

One of my favorite Wordpress features is the ability to schedule posts for a later date and time. Now this may not seem like anything exciting, but for me it can be a huge time saver. Basically it allows me to add several new posts all in one setting and pick a time and day that I want them to actually go live. Sort of along the lines of adding new posts to a queue. Some other website software scripts out there have this feature, but many do not.

On top of scheduling several all in one setting it is also very convenient if you want a post to go live at a specific time of day. If you see an increase in traffic at a certain time of day maybe you want your post to happen during the usual spike.

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How to Install Wordpress Manually

Another WordPress Plugin Yikes

If you use Wordpress you are probably familiar with at least some of the more popular plugins available. I couldn’t even count how many free plugins there are out there. Not to mention templates, themes, and a few other goodies.

Do you know how many plugins you have installed? Both active and inactive? Do you remember what they do?

It seems all to easy to just install a plugin that does whatever. But, do you really need all them? Maybe you do and maybe you don’t. Each time you install a new plugin your website is going to use more resources. Some Wordpress plugins query the database quite heavily. If you have a bunch of them that do this, they can slow your database and website down.

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Google Pagerank Update

Does Google favor WordPress websites

There is no question Wordpress is a popular choice when it comes to creating a website. Not only is it very easy to use, but there are tons of free templates/themes and plugins available. Since it is so popular you can find many help websites catered to Wordpress.

Does Google really show some kind of favoritism towards Wordpress based websites or any other specific scripts or software used to run a website?

I was kind of neutral on this one until I logged into Google webmaster tools not long ago to see a message that said:
“WordPress Update Available”.

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Annoying Software Upgrades

Annoying Frequent Software Upgrades

I used to think updates and upgrades were great. Whether it was a new feature or something that just made my life easier. I kind of looked forward to what some software developers would come up with next.

Maybe it’s just me, but times have changed in recent years. Updates and upgrades seem to be happening at a much faster rate than they used to.

This is usually a good thing. It is always nice to see an update that addresses a security issue with any software. But, if you ask me the frequency rate that many software companies and developers are releasing updates are becoming a bit annoying and time-consuming.

Every time I turn my computer on now instead of wondering if there will be some kind of software update today, it is more along the lines of I wonder how many will there be today.

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