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Use WordPress on Your Computer Fast with LocalWP

I decided to reduce my blog posting frequency the past few weeks so I could concentrate more on programming. I have been working on a new program called LocalWP. It allows you to use WordPress on your local Windows based computer. Why would you want to do that? For many reasons really. From testing to developing, to just playing with WordPress, and anything in between. The potential is great, and you are limited only by your imagination.

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WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugin Clean Up

One of the things that makes WordPress so attractive is all the free plugins available for it. I can’t complain when it comes to a price tag of $0.

Recently I decided I should go through my list of plugins to see if I need all of them. I wanted to see if I was really getting enough use out of them to justify keeping them around.

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Forgot Wordpress Password

How to Reset Your WordPress Admin Password

Did you install WordPress and forget to write down your login username and password? This happens from time to time. For whatever reason you got busy, or set it aside for a few weeks. When you finally come back to it you realize that you forgot to write down your login details, and now you can’t get in.

Don’t freak out yet, and don’t delete and wipe out all the work you have put into it already. Simply reset the admin password.

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How to Install Wordpress Manually

How to Manually Install WordPress Step by Step

This tutorial will show you how to manually install WordPress using cPanel web hosting. It may seem lengthy, but that is because my goal is to show you each and every step of the process.

All of the steps combined can be completed fairly fast once you know what you are doing and familiarize yourself with the process. However, there is no need to rush. It is normal to take longer if you have never manually installed WordPress before.

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How to Install Wordpress Manually

How to Use a Static WordPress Front Page and Blog Link

WordPress generally refers to pages as static even though they are stored dynamically in the database. Meaning they are really dynamic, but for some reason they use the term static when referring to pages that you might create in your WordPress dashboard administration.

I guess the thinking might be because you are less likely to change or update a page, or maybe because most people don’t create pages on a regular basis. Most of the regular basis content is in the form of a new blog post.

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