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VPS Server

Upgrading to VPS Think Before You Leap

If your website or blog gains popularity and traffic it will undoubtedly consume more hosting server resources. While the cheap shared hosting plans in the $5 to $10 per month are suitable for most sites, they can pose a problem for high traffic sites.

You may have noticed that many shared hosting plans suggest unlimited space, bandwidth, addon domains, databases, etc., etc. There really is no such thing as unlimited. What they are hoping for is that most people won’t abuse the term unlimited. They still have limitations and they will hit you with an excessive resource violation of some kind, which generally means they suspend your account, and usually without warning if you use too much.

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7 Free Uptime Monitoring Services for your Website

Many web hosting companies will state they have a 99.5% to 99.9% uptime. Some of them even guarantee it or they will give you some form of credit if they don’t meet it.

How do you determine whether or not your host is meeting their uptime guarantee percentage? Good question. Generally you don’t. They are not going to send you an email and say: Hey guess what we didn’t meet our monthly uptime guarantee we are going to give you a free month of service. That’s just not going to happen, but overall your hosting company doesn’t want to see down time any more than you do.

Maybe your site seems to be up and running fairly smooth most of the time and you don’t even think about down time. But, what about when you are sleeping? At work. On vacation. Or, just out and about. Are you confident enough that your website is up and running smooth at times when you are away?

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Making Money Online

Making Money Online

It will be more than easy to find a website that provides tips and suggestions (mostly advertisements) about making money online. They are everywhere. However, you rarely find a single post about how difficult it is.

Most people would like to make money online. For some it might be just for fun and if they happen to make a few dollars out of the deal they are content. Others want and sometimes even expect to make a lot of money right from the start.

Friends, family, and acquaintances have asked me if there is some kind of website or blog they could start up to make money. The problem is most people asking are looking for fast cash. They have little or no experience with web hosting, programming, SEO, development, and things like that. Some of them are under the assumption that they can just put together a website in a few minutes and people will swarm to it. Then, all they have to do is slap some advertisements on it and watch the money to roll in.

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Annoying Upgrades

Black Friday Hosting Blowout Sales 80% Off

Everyone loves to save money and Black Friday is the day you can do it. If you have been thinking about getting hosting this is the perfect day to do so. Even if you have hosting and you have been thinking about switching hosts this might be the perfect time for that too.

These sales are 1 day only – Black Friday. So grab them while you can. Think about them, but don’t think too long. You won’t find deals like these again for an entire year.

The following are 3 reliable popular hosts that have amazing deals. Check them out, do the math, and see for yourself if they are right for you.

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Email Subscriptions

Adding an Email Subscription

I recently read an article about adding an option for visitors to subscribe to your website by email. At first I was a little reluctant to mess with it mostly because I get more spam, junk, and other garbage in my inbox every day then I care to deal with. I don’t have a clue if other people delete their messages as fast as they get them, or if they spend time looking them over or not.

So I figured what the heck if they do sign up and check them out great. If not no big deal either. All I am out is the initial time of setting it up and configuring it the way I want. After that there shouldn’t be much else I need to do.

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Read Me

Getting visitors to read your rules, policies, etc.

Do you have a set of rules for your website? Maybe a comment policy, or something you just assume visitors will easily find and read if they have concerns or uncertainties.

I don’t care how obvious you think it is, or how large you make it some people just won’t see the thing. You can make it blink, wave at them, maybe even scream out: Here I am! Please read me! I swear no matter what you do some people are in such a hurry they just don’t see it, or they just don’t bother for some reason.

So how do you get someone to actually see and read it? Honestly I have no idea. You can’t force people to read something. Even if you put a pop-up message or warning people tend to close the thing as fast as it pops up.

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Website Grader Score

5 Tools to grade your website blog and accounts

Let’s face it everybody loves stats and numbers, well some people do anyway. The following includes a list of 5 online tools that you can use to check and grade your website, blog, twitter page, and facebook page.

They are kind of for fun, but they can also provide useful details and statistics. It only takes a few seconds and they are totally free. You aren’t out anything other than a few moments of your time.

You don’t have to join anything and even though there is a field to enter your email address it isn’t required.

With all the different checkers and graders out there all reporting slightly different results it never hurts to use several and to compare them to one another.

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Page load speed

Large images themes templates and page load speed

It amazes me sometimes how often people add huge images to their website or even in a single page or post. Ok well may nothing surprises me when it comes to the internet.

Why on earth would you add a 350 KB to 800 KB sized image to a page, not to mention several of them. I could understand if it were a small image that when you clicked on it took you to the big full size version and that was the only thing on the page. I don’t quite get the thinking behind adding such large images otherwise. Even more so when they are scaled down to fit a page, but they are not re-sized.

I guess if you visit your website often you probably don’t notice because your web browser has the page cached and it seems to load fast for you. Either that or you have a 100 Mbps Interent connection, and assume everyone else in the world does too.

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