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Annoying Software Upgrades

Annoying Frequent Software Upgrades

I used to think updates and upgrades were great. Whether it was a new feature or something that just made my life easier. I kind of looked forward to what some software developers would come up with next.

Maybe it’s just me, but times have changed in recent years. Updates and upgrades seem to be happening at a much faster rate than they used to.

This is usually a good thing. It is always nice to see an update that addresses a security issue with any software. But, if you ask me the frequency rate that many software companies and developers are releasing updates are becoming a bit annoying and time-consuming.

Every time I turn my computer on now instead of wondering if there will be some kind of software update today, it is more along the lines of I wonder how many will there be today.

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Google Plus

The New Google Plus

By now most of us have probably heard about Google Plus. I have not had the opportunity to personally check it out to see if it is appealing or not yet. One thing is for certain it is the talk of the internet world the past several days. I can’t even count how many times I have seen Google Plus mentioned along with some write up about it. My local TV news even did a segment about it.

Google Plus seems to be the latest attempt to take on Facebook. Google has tried in the past with Google Wave and Google Buzz, which turned out to be unpopular.

This time around they seem to be serious and could potentially go head-to-head with Facebook. It is still way to early to know how this will play out, but considering it is everywhere lately they certainly have popularity going for them right now.

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Google in talks to buy Hulu

It never surprises me when I hear about Google wanting to buy something. They obviously have the money to buy just about anything.

Well I should have seen this one coming with Google’s recent interest in movies and television broadcasts. Now it appears as though Google has taken an interest in Hulu. A few other companies like Yahoo and Microsoft have also expressed interest.

If you follow Google you know they have been on a major buying spree the past few years. I guess it is faster and easier to just buy a company rather than create something unique and different.

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Mozilla Firefox 8

Firefox 5 released

Mozilla release Firefox 5 a couple of days ago. This comes just barely 85 days since the release of Firefox 4. They only put out 2 whole versions, 4.0.0 and an update 4.0.1 before releasing version 5.

Why so quick? The official word from Mozilla: We are moving Firefox to a rapid release schedule.

Some have speculated that there could be security issues with version 4 that this new release addresses. I can’t verify that statement. It is just what I have read in a few other threads and postings.

If they keep this new rapid release schedule at or around 85 days in between it won’t take long to see a Firefox version 10.

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The price of electronic gadgets

One of the few products I can think of where the price tends to go down rather than up is computers and other electronic devices. Sometimes when you see brand new technology the price might be a little steep at first, but as time goes by the price drops. Remember when CD burners first came out? DVD burners? Blue Ray? All of them were a little too spendy to run out and buy when they first came out. As time went by the price slowly dropped. For instance when DVD burners first came out they were slow and expensive, somewhere in the neighborhood of $400-$500 if I remember right. Now you can get one for $30-$50.

Computers, same thing. I remember my first computer costing somewhere around $1000-$2000. It didn’t even have a CD player in it, not to mention a burner. Although it was a decent computer in its day, it would be considered an antique today. Now you can get an entry level computer suitable for the average home user for $300-$500. Notebooks, laptops, netbooks, and many other electronic gadgets and gizmo’s the same thing has happened. The price has dropped substantially over the years.

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High Speed Internet

High Speed Internet

The past several years here in the U.S. high speed internet seemed to be booming. Many companies were competing with one another with what seemed to be a faster internet speed than the competitor. I don’t know about your neck of the woods, but where I live it seems to have peaked or leveled off now.

You will generally find the faster speeds with cheaper competitive rates in and around larger cities. Get out of the urban/suburban and speeds seem to drop and prices rise. Which makes sense. It is cheaper to connect a large group of people in one area, than it is to connect a smaller group of people over a larger land area.

In urban locations here in the U.S. you will find 50 Mbps and even 100 Mbps with a reasonable price tag. Head on out to a rural country location and you might be lucky to find a 1 Mbps connection at upwards of two to three times the price you would pay in the city. That is if you can even find a company that provides coverage to the location.

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