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Mozilla Firefox 8

Firefox 8 Released

Here it is barely 4 weeks since Firefox 7 was released and last night I got an automatic notification that I can download and upgrade Firefox 8.

After reading several reviews I don’t see anything notably different when compared to Firefox 4-7. The overall look and feel appears the same. One thing I saw mentioned was it now has Twitter as an option in the search dropdown box. I don’t know if that qualifies as anything excitingly new or not.

Apparently 3rd party addons are supposed to be disabled by default in this new version. Which as far as I understand means you will need to manually enable each addon you intend to use.

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Google Pagerank Update

What happened to Google Dictionary

I don’t know how many of you have ever used Google Dictionary or were even aware that it existed. I have used it a few times in the past, and became aware of it after reading a post in the Google blogspot blog titled: This week in search 4/15/2011. Which would imply that it first saw the light of day on 4/15/2011 or shortly there after.

I even wrote about Google Dictionary on the main part of this website about 6 months ago give or take, which you can read here if interested: Google Images and Dictionary.

Now just 6 short months later it appears as though Google killed it because it is completely gone.

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Email Subscriptions

I thought you said occasional email

Many of us have probably joined a web site or signed up for an email list at some point in our lives. We assume we might see an occasional email once a week or maybe a couple in a given month. Then, BOOM! A very short day after joining or signing up suddenly we have 20 to 30+ email messages flooding our in box from the website. Not what I had in mind or was expecting, and the same probably goes for you too. The funny thing is some of them say: We will send you an occasional email. Who would have thought occasional meant 30+ per day! I was hoping for more like 30 in a full year.

I don’t know anyone that would take the time to read a couple of these things in one day not to mention 20 to 30+ of them day after day.

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Mozilla Firefox 8

Firefox 7 Released

Mozilla recently release Firefox 7 on or around October 1st, 2011. A day later give or take a few hours depending on where in the world you live it was followed up with 7.0.1 update/patch.

Back in March they started cranking out a faster rapid release schedule for Firefox, which works out to somewhere along the lines of a new version every 6 weeks. I am not sure that we actually need a new version to deal with every 6 weeks, but maybe some folks out there like it that way.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it is an attempt to boost their release numbers to be similar to Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Currently, at the time of this post Google Chrome is at version 14.x and Microsoft Internet Explorer is at 9.x.

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Help the sky is falling

Help the sky is falling!

Or at least a 6 ton satellite it falling out of the sky in the coming days.

All this technology we have and they just let satellites fall back to earth. I guess I just assumed with all those space shuttles and rockets going up there over the years they would have just plucked that thing up and brought it back. Or, strapped one of those jet packs on the thing, and sent it on its way. Heck even Astro from the Jetson’s had one of them!

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Out of this world

What do you mean it’s a hoax

Sometimes I wonder about all the bogus information on the internet that circulates on a daily basis. I have been to websites that will quote or link to a fictitious crazy story like it somehow makes it more legit and credible. I don’t know how many stories or articles I have read that are so far-fetched and beyond reality. It makes me wonder how some of these people actually function and live in the real world. Maybe they are taking medication or getting professional help…I can only hope!

I don’t purposely go looking for these things I just stumble across them. It doesn’t matter if I visit a forum, a blog, or if I am simply reading comments in a news story. They range widely from a bit disturbing to more humor than fact and I find myself laughing most of the way through many articles. You never know what people will post or how a commenter will respond. Just when you think you have heard and seen it all someone posts something totally off the wall that blows your mind. In other words, so crazy and unusual you laugh so hard your head feels like it is literally going to explode.

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Computer Backups

Computer Backups save your valuable data

Most of us are aware of the importance of performing regular backups for our websites. If you have ever had a problem with your website and lost some of your work you quickly learn to make backups. You should never count on your host to keep these up for you. Although most do a pretty good job there is always the possibility that they could have data loss.

Another backup we often forget about or overlook are files and data on our own personal computer(s). How much information, files, pictures, etc. do you store on your computer? What if your computer died? I know it is kind of rare and we don’t like to think about them, and hope that it never happens, but what if? Can you recover it should something happen? Are you willing to lose years worth of work as a result of not planning or having a backup in place? Despite what you think or would like to believe computers, hard drives, flash drives, even DVD and CD’s do not last forever.

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Mozilla Firefox 8

Firefox 6 Released

Mozilla recently released Firefox 6 somewhere around August 16th, 2011 / August 17th 2011 give or take depending on where in the world you live.

I am not sure why Mozilla is putting out new versions of Firefox at such a rapid rate lately. Version 4, 5, and now 6 do not look much different. The features seem to be the same or very similar. The only thing that comes to mind is maybe they are trying to boost the version to be more in the Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, and Google Chrome 13 number range.

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Cloudflare 1 week review

After reading a number of Cloudflare reviews the past month or so, I finally decided to try it myself. At first I was a little uneasy about the dns changes required to make it work. But, it was very simple and fast. I don’t think I had any down time what so ever.

By default it is pre-configured at a medium security threshold. I have read a few post by people that have said the medium setting occasionally blocked or prevented some of their regular visitors, and they changed to the low security setting.
For this first week I left it set at the default medium setting. I am thinking about testing it for a week using the low setting in the near future.

My stats for the past week according to the Cloudflare Analytics dashboard:

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