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Microsoft Tulalip

Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus what next?

We are all probably all to familiar with Twitter and Facebook by now. Some of you have probably even spent a little time with Google Plus too.

The competition seems to be heating up lately with Google announcing their attempt to enter the social networking arena. Most of the internet was buzzing about Google Plus for weeks after the announcement. And, I still see an occasional story or post about it. Whether it really takes off and what it amounts to or becomes of it who knows yet. It is still too early to tell.

So what about Microsoft? Are they going to jump on board and come up with some kind of social networking platform? One has to wonder if they have any plans, or if they are silently working on their own social project.

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Is paying for a Tweet worth it

Is paying someone that has a lot of Twitter followers worth it to promote or mention your website?

For starters I don’t believe that traffic originating from Twitter is very good or of high quality. Many Twitter users simply follow someone in hopes that they will follow them back. Their list of followers grows and grows. However, I have doubts that many of them actually have an interest in whatever it is your website has to offer.

So you pay someone $5, $10, $20, or whatever to Tweet something about your website.

Let’s assume they have 20,000 followers. Boom! Out goes the Tweet!

Are all 20,000 followers going to be online…no.
Are all 20,000 going to eventually see it when they are online…doubtful.
Are some going to be online and see it…sure.
Are some going to click or check your link…probably.
Are they going to be interested in your website and spend much time there…iffy.

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