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Google Pagerank Update

Content is sometimes king

I have read more articles and posts than I can count about how content is king when it comes to Google. I can also say that I have read just as many that make the opposite claim. There are numerous discussions and different opinions on the subject out there.

I think that Google would like us to believe that content is king, but it’s not always the case. Google would like to show you the most relevant results when performing a search. They have made numerous attempts to weed out the spammy sites and lower quality ones. My personal opinion is it would be nearly impossible to make that happen at any given time and all the time.

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How to use CommentLuv without a WordPress website

If you visit and comment on blogs you might have noticed that some refer to CommentLuv. What CommentLuv will do is search your rss feed for your most recent posts. If it finds your feed a list of your recent posts will be available for you to choose from. Some sites will allow you to choose one of your last 10 posts, while others only allow you to select your last post.

It tends to be geared towards Wordpress blogs because it searches the known location of these feeds.

The beauty of it is you do not need to have a Wordpress blog to use it for building internal backlinks. If your website has a rss/xml feed of some kind you can still use it when commenting.

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Google Pagerank Update

How fast does Google index your posts?

Everyone wants their new post indexed immediately. In this age of technology we are accustomed to getting information and seeing results instantly. If we have to wait more than a few minutes, and sometimes just a few seconds it seems like it is the end of the world for some folks. Nobody has patience anymore.

Which brings me to the whole getting your new post indexed thing. Just how long does it take Google to find and index your new article once you have posted it? Does it happen in a few minutes? Hours? Or, does it take a day or more?

There are obviously many factors involved that may determine the speed and frequency at which your pages are crawled and indexed. Websites that are popular and have a lot of traffic are generally indexed very fast. But, there seems to be certain website software scripts that Google likes much better than others. For instance Does Google favor Wordpress websites.

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Google Pagerank Update

Google Pagerank Update August 4, 2011

For those of you that follow Google Pagerank there was another update today August 4th, 2011. This makes 3 updates in a relatively short period of time. It is not uncommon to see activity like this from Google, but we tend to hear about the lack of updates and frequency more often.

In the past 5 weeks give or take a few days there was a Google Pagerank Update June 27th, 2011. Another Google Pagerank Update July 18th, 2011, and now this one on August 4th, 2011.

It is fairly common for Google to perform an update and follow up with a tweak/adjustment or two shortly after. Whether this is it for a while now or not nobody knows for sure.

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Yahoo Site Explorer

Yahoo Site Explorer Closing

Yahoo recently announced they will be closing the doors on Site Explorer one of their most popular services among webmasters and SEO fanatics. Yahoo Site Explorer has been around for nearly 6 years and many people have come to rely on the service to check inlinks/backlinks.

Yahoo has been slowly eliminating features and services, but this one was a little unexpected. Yahoo suggests using Microsoft/Bing Webmaster Tools after they shut down Site Explorer. Which likely has to do with the deal Microsoft and Yahoo have with search results powered by Bing.

Bing has been updating their webmaster tools which include a few new features. You can now find a similar feature that provides Inbound Link details in your Bing Webmaster account, which is a plus. But, since you have to login to see the report details I don’t know that you can check sites that you do not own or maintain.

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Google Pagerank Update

Google Pagerank Update July 18, 2011

It would appear that Google updated pagerank on Monday July 18th, 2011. This is likely a minor update or tweak to the Google Pagerank Update June 27th, 2011 we saw.

It is fairly common for Google to follow up with a few minor changes and I actually expected to see this happen. There were a lot of sites that Google updated on the 27th that seemed a little too good to be true. While there were a few others that dropped that I wouldn’t have expected. dropped from a pr10 to a pr9 after the update on the 27th. And, now after this one they are back up to a pr10. I am sure they didn’t like seeing Facebook beating them for a little while with their pr10 to Google’s pr9.

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Seo Mozbar Toolbar

The Seo Mozbar Toolbar

I am not a big fan of toolbars. In order for me to install one it really needs to be worthy of regular use.

The Seo Mozbar is one of the few I use on a regular basis, and comes packed with useful features and tools.

Use it to analyze your website and pages or the competition.

You can jump right to Yahoo’s Site Explorer inlinks for any website. Go directly to Google, Yahoo, and Bing indexed pages, and much more with a few simple clicks of your mouse.

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Google Pagerank Update

Google Pagerank Update June 27, 2011

It would appear that Google has update and exported Pagerank to the toolbar on Monday June 27th 2011 give or take a day depending on where in the world you live and where your time zone lies.

The last major Pagerank update was around January 20, 2011. So it has been around 5 months since the last one. Google used to follow a more predictable update schedule. But, in the past year or so their schedule has been less predictable.

I have noticed in the past after a major update Google will follow up with a couple of minor updates or tweaks. You really never know with Google, but for most what you see is what you get.

If you follow Google Pagerank or have an interest in it you might check your website for any changes. Please remember it is Pagerank, meaning each and every page can have a different rank. Generally your homepage or main index page will have higher rank than your inner pages and posts. But, occasionally an inner page will out rank your homepage.

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