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Bing and Google Results

Bing and Google Results Side by Side

After recently voicing my disappointment with Google search results I decided I should try to find a tool or site that would allow me to search and display both Google and Bing results side-by-side. I used to do this years ago, but I haven’t needed to because I had been fairly content with what Google was showing me until now.

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Backlink Analyzer

Google Seo and the Disavow Tool

One of the categories that I don’t focus on writing about anymore is SEO. I try to follow it and stay up-to-date, but Google seems to be updating or changing something more often than they did a few years ago. What may have worked years ago could potentially lead to a loss in rankings or a penalty of some kind today.

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Should You Link to a Competitor’s Website?

There are some that absolutely despise the competition. They go out of their way to keep tabs on what they are up to, and regularly check up on them. In fact, they probably frequent specific sites more than most regular visitors. A few webmaster forum types of sites I visit can be downright brutal at times when it comes to talking about the competition. Their site is always better.

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The Ever Changing World Of SEO

If you follow SEO it would have been difficult to miss the recent Matt Cutts video talking about a new Penguin update, which they say we can expect within a few weeks.

Every time this guy mentions a Penguin or Panda update the SEO blogs and forums light up. Everyone tries to get the inside scoop, and some make predictions of what to expect.

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