WordpressIf your website is a WordPress based site and you allow users to sign up and login to your site you might consider branding the login and registration pages with your logo.

With all the talk about branding we constantly hear about why not make these pages look a little more professional and branded too. Just because you are familiar with WordPress and the related login and registration pages doesn’t mean everyone else is. Some people may have no idea what WordPress is, not to mention what the standard logo looks like. If you add a simple logo that resembles your website they will at least know they are still on your website.

I am not talking about a bunch of fancy coding, re-writing, or changing a bunch of WordPress files. I am simply referring to adding your logo to the pages where user / members would login and / or register. Basically swapping the big (W) WordPress logo at the top of the login and registration pages with your own.

For Example these pages:

It doesn’t need to be anything extremely fancy. Just something simple that makes the login or registration page look a little more like your website instead of the default standard boring WordPress logo.

All the WordPress login pages look exactly like one another for the most part and sometimes you are not even sure if you are on the same site.

The current WordPress 3.2.x version uses a .png image with a size of 274 px wide by 63 px high.

Now all you need to do is create an image with your logo or slogan with the above size. Making it transparent would be ideal and then save it to your computer as logo-login.png image.

Once you are finished and happy with the look of your new image you need to upload it to your web hosting.

You may wish to rename the current default WordPress login logo as logo-login-backup.png.

To do so login to your hosting account and use a file manager, or use your favorite ftp client such as Filezilla.

Navigate to:

Rename it such as:

Now upload your logo you created to:

Basically you are just rename the current WordPress default logo image to logo-login-backup.png and then uploading your newly created image logo-login.png to the same location folder/directory.

Once you have done that simply navigate to your login page at:

Refresh the login page a couple of times if necessary for your new logo image to appear.

You can also check the registration page at:

And, refresh that page a couple of times if necessary as well.

If you change your mind and want the old default WordPress login logo back, then simply restore or change logo-login-backup.png back to logo-login.png and refresh the login and registration pages again.

Screen shot original default WordPress login and registration page:

Wordpress Login Logo

Screen shot with a personalized, branded, custom logo:

Branded Login Logo

It only takes a few moments to actually upload it to your hosting account. Creating a brand new logo from scratch is another story. If you are good with design it probably won’t take you long to make one. You might already have a logo that you can simply resize to fit to the 274px x 63px dimension.

Just remember it should be called logo-login.png and when creating an image transparent background would be ideal. Otherwise, if you can’t do transparent background then use white.

You might have some software on your computer that you can use to create one. Microsoft paint is pretty basic, but it will work. There are some decent free image creating software suites you can download to get the job done, or use an online site or tool like pixlr.

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