Jeremy LeSarge - AKA: Ray

Jeremy LeSarge - AKA: Ray

I am the site owner and administrator of I provide help and tips for Boonex Dolphin on the main part of this website where you will also find an assortment of other resources. Here, on the blog I write about a variety of topics surrounding WordPress, technology, social media/networking, SEO, and webmaster resources.
Free Image Sources

5 Free awesome sources for quality photos

Every blogger or website owner can relate to the phrase: A picture is worth a thousand words. Pictures draw attention. They can make an article or post more appealing and help get visitors to actually read what you have to say. If nothing else they do make a plain old boring page look much better.

Finding the perfect picture for your new post can be just as time-consuming as writing it. You search and search some more, eventually just giving up and forcing yourself to pick whatever is on your computer screen at the moment. Sometimes it’s not what you were hoping for, but after spending 30 minutes to 1 hour looking you tell yourself I’ll have to make that one work.

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How to use CommentLuv without a WordPress website

If you visit and comment on blogs you might have noticed that some refer to CommentLuv. What CommentLuv will do is search your rss feed for your most recent posts. If it finds your feed a list of your recent posts will be available for you to choose from. Some sites will allow you to choose one of your last 10 posts, while others only allow you to select your last post.

It tends to be geared towards Wordpress blogs because it searches the known location of these feeds.

The beauty of it is you do not need to have a Wordpress blog to use it for building internal backlinks. If your website has a rss/xml feed of some kind you can still use it when commenting.

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Website Ads

Website ads on the rise

I am old enough to know life before the internet, and no I am not an old geezer either. I am also old enough to remember the early days as the internet gained popularity and the dot com boom. There were very few advertisements per page, which was probably a good thing considering most of us had very slow dial up modems. It was fairly common for websites not to have any advertisements at all back in the early internet days. Of course it didn’t take long for that to change.

Advertising during TV programing when I was growing up was kind of similar. The number of ads on TV were much shorter and fewer than what they are today. Now you are lucky to watch 10 to 15 minutes of your favorite TV program and then there are 5 to 10 minutes of commercial advertisements. Which can be very annoying at times as well.

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Help the sky is falling

Help the sky is falling!

Or at least a 6 ton satellite it falling out of the sky in the coming days.

All this technology we have and they just let satellites fall back to earth. I guess I just assumed with all those space shuttles and rockets going up there over the years they would have just plucked that thing up and brought it back. Or, strapped one of those jet packs on the thing, and sent it on its way. Heck even Astro from the Jetson’s had one of them!

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Out of this world

What do you mean it’s a hoax

Sometimes I wonder about all the bogus information on the internet that circulates on a daily basis. I have been to websites that will quote or link to a fictitious crazy story like it somehow makes it more legit and credible. I don’t know how many stories or articles I have read that are so far-fetched and beyond reality. It makes me wonder how some of these people actually function and live in the real world. Maybe they are taking medication or getting professional help…I can only hope!

I don’t purposely go looking for these things I just stumble across them. It doesn’t matter if I visit a forum, a blog, or if I am simply reading comments in a news story. They range widely from a bit disturbing to more humor than fact and I find myself laughing most of the way through many articles. You never know what people will post or how a commenter will respond. Just when you think you have heard and seen it all someone posts something totally off the wall that blows your mind. In other words, so crazy and unusual you laugh so hard your head feels like it is literally going to explode.

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Updating a Website or Blog

Starting a website or blog cost concerns

Every day more and more people start a new blog or some form of website. Sometimes I wonder just how many are out there in cyber world. Probably more than most people could possibly imagine myself included.

Regardless of the software script you decide to use to power your website you will likely seek out tips and other resources to help get the ball rolling. If you are totally new to running a website you might be doing quite a bit of reading and research.

You will find a lot of people and websites tell you to get this thing or that thing for fifty, one hundred dollars, or more. Join this program or that one for guess what? More money of course. Many of these people and sites are affiliate marketers that push some product because they get a commission for every sale. I don’t blame these folks for trying to market a product or program. Everyone wants to make money online. Some of these things might be worth it, while others are a total waste of your time and money. I am not complaining or attempting to discredit any of them. Just be careful because not all of them are worth it. I’m sure there are plenty of decent ones out there though.

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Computer Backups

Computer Backups save your valuable data

Most of us are aware of the importance of performing regular backups for our websites. If you have ever had a problem with your website and lost some of your work you quickly learn to make backups. You should never count on your host to keep these up for you. Although most do a pretty good job there is always the possibility that they could have data loss.

Another backup we often forget about or overlook are files and data on our own personal computer(s). How much information, files, pictures, etc. do you store on your computer? What if your computer died? I know it is kind of rare and we don’t like to think about them, and hope that it never happens, but what if? Can you recover it should something happen? Are you willing to lose years worth of work as a result of not planning or having a backup in place? Despite what you think or would like to believe computers, hard drives, flash drives, even DVD and CD’s do not last forever.

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Managing Your Time

Timestamping articles and posts

If you are like me you probably visit a number of websites in your daily activities. Whether it’s for business or just to kill some time and entertain yourself, but have you ever noticed that some websites use a timestamp or date in their post and others do not?

Why is it that so many websites remove the date from a post? Is it because the software the website in question uses just doesn’t have the ability to add a simple date? Do they not post very often and not want visitors to see or know this? Do they publish so often that they don’t want visitors to see that they post so darn often. Or, are they trying to sort of hide this from Google and other search engines for some other SEO purpose? I can understand this to some extent, and I could see people arguing for and against dated posts.

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Google Pagerank Update

How fast does Google index your posts?

Everyone wants their new post indexed immediately. In this age of technology we are accustomed to getting information and seeing results instantly. If we have to wait more than a few minutes, and sometimes just a few seconds it seems like it is the end of the world for some folks. Nobody has patience anymore.

Which brings me to the whole getting your new post indexed thing. Just how long does it take Google to find and index your new article once you have posted it? Does it happen in a few minutes? Hours? Or, does it take a day or more?

There are obviously many factors involved that may determine the speed and frequency at which your pages are crawled and indexed. Websites that are popular and have a lot of traffic are generally indexed very fast. But, there seems to be certain website software scripts that Google likes much better than others. For instance Does Google favor Wordpress websites.

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