WordpressIf you use WordPress you are probably familiar with at least some of the more popular plugins available. I couldn’t even count how many free plugins there are out there. Not to mention templates, themes, and a few other goodies.

Do you know how many plugins you have installed? Both active and inactive? Do you remember what they do?

It seems all to easy to just install a plugin that does whatever. But, do you really need all them? Maybe you do and maybe you don’t. Each time you install a new plugin your website is going to use more resources. Some WordPress plugins query the database quite heavily. If you have a bunch of them that do this, they can slow your database and website down.

Do you really need 30+ plugins or more? It depends on what they are and what they are doing, but at some point you might say enough is enough. I am not going to install another one unless I remove one first.

The other thing you are doing by installing so many is putting your trust and faith into the plugin programmer or developer. I am not saying that they don’t know what they are doing, but hopefully they keep things up-to-date, and release security updates.

I know some plugins do some really nice things, but try to keep the numbers down. If you don’t need or use a particular plugin think about removing it. Both for security and performance related issues.

It would be very difficult to provide an ideal number because it really depends on what the plugin is actually doing, and how resource intense it is. I would try to stay under 30, and preferably 20 or less if possible. If you have 50+ plugins then you are likely pushing the limits of many shared hosting resources.

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