WordpressI spent the better part of this past week working on a new WordPress theme and design for this website. I liked my old theme well enough it was just a little on the simple and basic side. There wasn’t much additional features and control in the back-end administration area as I would have liked. I found myself modifying, editing, and re-writing a variety of code way too often.

So I decided to give Woo Themes a try. I have used some of their themes in the past and have been very pleased with the back-end, which comes with a decent easy to use framework. Woo Themes is also one of the few premium WordPress themes out there that offers an assortment of free themes with free framework. You really can’t go wrong with that. And, they actually work well. I have tried some free WordPress themes in the past and the administration control just doesn’t work very well.

You also need to be careful with free WordPress themes. If you are looking for free themes make sure you get them from a reputable site. Don’t just download them from anywhere. There are plenty of them out there with malicious code, back-doors, and links in the footer to crappy sites (sometimes you can’t remove them). I have even seen some that come pre-loaded with Google Adsense ads, and guess what they are someone else’s Google code, which means someone else earns from them and not you. Most likely they are hoping you might not notice. So the bottom line is make sure you seek out reputable sources. The same goes for paid premium WordPress themes as well.

I did want to change the layout text and link colors a bit, which involved editing .css files. Not a big deal, but they can be time-consuming and tedious.

What I ended up doing rather than editing and changing everything online in a live environment is use WAMP, which allows me to load WordPress up offline on my local PC. That way I can make most of the changes right here on my computer without anyone noticing the changes in progress. Then, when I had it all setup and configured the way I wanted locally all I had to do was transfer it to my web hosting account.

Of course I still needed to perform a few tweaks and adjustments, and I will likely need to make a few more changes in the coming days. No matter how thorough and detailed you might be there almost always seems to be something you miss and didn’t catch.

Overall the process was fairly smooth just a little time-consuming. The only difference or drawback I have noticed so far is slightly slower loading pages. I ran a few tests before and after and I probably lost 1/2 second to maybe 1 second loading speed, which really isn’t that much. I might work on tweaking and cleaning up a few files to reduce their size if I get a chance, which would likely gain me the load time back I lost. I just don’t know if spending a couple of hours of my time on it would be worth it just to gain 1/2 to 1 second. I might save that for a day when I am extremely bored out of my mind and have absolutely nothing better to do.

But honestly I am just as excited about something like that as this fell’er appears to be:
Bored out of my mind


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