Microsoft Windows XPIt’s hard to believe that it has been 12 years since Microsoft released Windows XP. If you are old enough you might also remember versions like Windows 98, 95, or even 3.1, 3.0, and earlier.

When XP came out it amazed a lot of people myself included. Many of us were more than eager to dump Windows 98 in favor of its better performance, stability, and it’s new user-friendly graphical user interface.

Twelve years later it is still alive and kicking. I know that seems hard to believe considering how fast technology changes, but it still remains the second most popular Windows version to this day. At least in terms of market share.

According to Net Market Share for the year 2013 it had 35.44% of the market share, which puts it 2nd to Windows 7 with 45.38%. In 3rd place is Windows 8 with 5.21%.

Operating System Market Share 2013

It’s hard to imagine something that old is still popular. There will always be die-hard power users that just won’t give up their beloved operating system. But, from what I gather the biggest reason that XP remains so popular yet is due to business use. Many businesses have chosen not to upgrade to Windows 7 or 8. I guess they want to avoid the headaches an upgrade may introduce. Eventually they will have to, but at the current time they are not ready to do so.

Now I can see the reasoning behind keeping Windows XP in a business setting for the time-being. However, I don’t believe that it’s better than Windows 7. Sooner or later they will need to upgrade and/or get new computers.

It will be a little interesting to see just how long XP will maintain its popularity and second place market share. I mean it can’t last forever. Eventually it will become less popular, but who would have thought that with all the other operating systems available it would have hung on as long as it has. I don’t think Microsoft even expected it to be this popular yet because on April 8th, 2014 they are supposed to discontinue support for it, but they recently announced that they will continue providing virus warnings until 2015.

I think some people just don’t like new things or change. I remember a few years back I was reading a forum thread and this guy swore that Internet Explorer 6 was the best web browser ever created. That was when 7 and 8 were also available.

I couldn’t think of a single reason why I would want to keep using that version even back then. Maybe he didn’t like change or didn’t give a newer version a chance.

I am not a big fan of change or upgrading myself if you don’t need to, but I am more than content with Windows 7 at the moment. I am not even considering a new version at this time. I figure in another 4-6 years I will probably be ready for a new computer, and whatever operating system it comes with at the time is what I’ll end up with next.

I still keep and old Windows XP computer around for backup and occasional testing, but I rarely turn it on anymore. I certainly wouldn’t use it as my primary system. It was good in its day, and a heck of an improvement over Windows 98 and earlier versions. I don’t have any complaints, but sooner or later you got to let it go. You can only rock a cassette tape so long right?

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