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You can now purchase my RMS Auto-Installer or ChatPlus Automator directly through my website rather than through the (Extensions area). You can save $3.00 - $5.00 when you purchase through my website ...
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We often here about web hosting control panels like cPanel/WHM, Plesk, Virtualmin/Webmin, but we don't here about some of the less popular ones very often.One of my favorites for testing is CentOs Web Control Panel. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles as th
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I have been using Digital Ocean and Vultr for quite a while now. Years actually. These 2 hosts make it easy to get a VPS up and running with your preferred Linux Distro in mere seconds.I use them all the time to test my RMS Auto Installer and ChatPlus Automator. I
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At this point since my website is primarily about Dolphin I don't plan on posting UNA tutorials. At least not in the near future.As far as I am concerned UNA is not ready for a prime-time live environment just yet anyway. I keep reading in the UNA discussions more
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The CentOs Web Control Panel can literally be installed in a few minutes if you are familiar with ssh. If not it is still super simple and can be installed in a relatively short amount of time. It's a great FREE web control panel to help make your VPS or Dedicated server easier to manage.
This Dolphin Pro Tutorial shows you how to add custom code to the header or footer, and how to bind custom .css and .js files to the Dolphin cache and/or gzip.
This Dolphin Pro Tutorial shows you how to add or change Font Awesome Icons in the top navigation menu. Easy to follow instructions and examples included.
This tutorial will walk your through the steps required to install RMS on CentOS 5, 6, + including instructions for installing Open JDK/JRE or Oracle JRE (Java). As always helpful screen shots are included for reference.
This tutorial explains how to create a simple swapfile and how to change the swappiness value, which will help increase the overall performance of your system. If you experience out of memory issues, or have a server with a limited amount of ram you'll want to check this one out.
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Boonex Dolphin Resources - Another great resource - provides a lot of help to the community.

Dolphin Release

Current Release: Dolphin 7.4.2
Release Date: Apr. 18th, 2019
Notes: Upgrade
Security Notes: Yes
Upgrade Urgency: Medium
Problems/Issues Reported: Few
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Upgrading: (7.x-7.4.x)
7.4.1 to 7.4.2
All Versions 7.0.x to 7.4.x

Upgrading: (6.0.X/6.1.X)
6.0.x and 6.1.x:
Upgrade for 6.0.x / 6.1.x

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Linking to other Websites Let’s face it everyone wants websites to link to them. Especially the big guys and gals right? Nobody says please don’t link to me Google, and that kind of thing ...
Electric Guitar and Digital Technology I played guitar for years in my early teens through mid 20’s. All in all nearly 20 years strait. Then, one day I just set it aside and never picked it back up for some reason ...