Category: Dolphin 7
This tutorial will show you how to split the Join form/page into two or three parts. Whether you want a cleaner looking join form or you want to reduce the number of spam bots this should help.
This Tutorial will show you how to add HTML and text to the Join form page. If you have ever wanted to add a few more details or spruce up the Join form then this might be what you have been looking for.
This tutorial will show you how to spruce up the login - logout message people see. If you want to add a special message or just change the standard default phrase this one might be for you. It's very simple and only takes a few moments to apply this one.
This tutorial will show you how to take advantage and optimize your site using the Page Block feature available in your Administration panel. With a little exploring and tweaking it's possible to boost your site's performance.
If your Forum RSS feed links are redirecting to your homepage when clicked on you might need to update the forum module .htaccess file. The following information will show you what to check, and how to solve this.