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Google Penguin UpdateIf you follow SEO it would have been difficult to miss the recent Matt Cutts video talking about a new Penguin update, which they say we can expect within a few weeks.

Every time this guy mentions a Penguin or Panda update the SEO blogs and forums light up. Everyone tries to get the inside scoop, and some make predictions of what to expect.

I don’t like to speculate or make guesses. Whatever happens happens. I can’t do anything about it, and neither can anyone else. Whatever Google wants to do they will do it.

Many popular SEO sites are implying that this will be a massive update, and they seem to be scaring quite a few people out there.

No matter what happens they are never going to please everyone. There will always be sites that get hammered on the negative end. Others will be cheering on the positive side. Sites in the middle won’t even notice if they don’t follow Google updates.

If you don’t follow SEO or Google updates here are a few links I came across this past week regarding the new Penguin update announcement:

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Friday Finds for Weekend Reading – Google Penguin 2.0 Updates
Are You Ready For The Next SEO Penguin At Your Blog?

I really don’t see the point in getting worked up or ticked off before they even roll this out unless you know you are going to be affected. In which case you probably shouldn’t have been doing some of the things that you have, and it might be time to make some changes.

Apparently we have a few weeks or possibly months depending on whether you listen to what the SEO sites say or Matt Cutts. So you could potentially do some cleaning before it happens, which might soften the blow.

One thing to note is Matt Cutts blog post says: “What to expect in SEO in the coming months“. Other SEO sites are saying in the coming weeks.

Unfortunately what usually happens is most people wait until it’s too late. Once it rolls out I will almost guarantee that you will see a bunch of articles about how to recover from the latest Penguin update shortly after it happens.

I guess it gives the SEO sites and forums something to write about for a few weeks afterwards.

So love it or hate it. There is nothing we can do to prevent it, and it’s just a matter of time. You can cross your fingers or say your prayers, but I don’t think that will help.

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    Thanks for the mention. I agree with you that if things are not done right in the first place then it is most likely that people should get a bit scared. Even Matt says it is going to be more “comprehensive” and that should be taken seriously. Normally he would say that the impact affects a small percentage of results.. That’s a big swing from his statement. Anyway, I guess you are right.. The industry will definitely have many things things to write once the “wave” is rolled out 🙂

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      It should be interesting to see if there is a balance between people pleased with the update and people ticked off, or if it seems to be leaning in one direction or the other. In the past I have heard people talking about how their traffic dropped substantially after an update. Whether they were doing something that they shouldn’t have been doing I don’t know. I only hope that a new update doesn’t mistakenly target or affect a site that it shouldn’t have.

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    I feel like on a speed band. One update after another. Do you remember the updates that threatened URLs with keywords? Bull****!

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      I remember Google talking about an exact match domain name ranking better in search. People would buy keyworded domain names and slap up some low quality content just to rank better. I haven’t heard too much about exact matching or keyworded domain names in a while though.

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    After I read your article, I actually logged into my wp-admin immediately and was thinking to quickly removing some paid links (I do accept and have paid links, fyi). Then all of a sudden I stopped, logged off and came back here to leave this comment. You are right, whatever happens happens. I don’t see anything wrong with me trying to make money via my own blog by accepting paid links. If Google thinks my site deserves to be penalized on the next Penguin update, so be it. What the heck!
    Peter Lee recently posted..The Impact of Wi-Fi Technology in Different SectorsMy Profile

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      The rolled out a new Penguin update on May 22nd. Apparently from what I understand they will be tweaking, updating, or both over the next few months.

      I am getting tired of all their updates. Just trying to keep up with them all is a lot of work. Google does whatever they want anyway. If a few legit sites get caught in the middle of an update I don’t think they care too much about the little guy/gal site.

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    I still think some sites get punished unfairly. Maybe it’s old pages on their site that they didn’t clean up or who is linking to them. It’s hard to control who is linking to your site. But you are also right DialMe – not everyone will always be happy with Google changes. Some will go down in ranking as well as others going up. If you are doing everything right you just have to keep on trucking, right?
    Lisa recently posted..Twitter Cards To Add Some Zing To Your Posts On TwitterMy Profile

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      I am with you on some sites getting unfairly punished, which is kind of a bummer. If you have a smaller site I kind of doubt that they care too much. Also it’s not the easiest to contact them or to even get a response from Google. All we can do is keep plugging away. Abide by the rules, and hope for the best.

  5. Renate


    And we all have to prepare for Penguin2.0 as well… and honestly, I don’t expect too much good…

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      I never know what to expect with all these Google updates. They are constantly making changes so often that I can barely keep up with them. Hopefully it’s a fair update, but I am not counting on it.

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    I always hear that some sites are unfairly punished but I often wonder if it’s truly due to the algorithm changes or if it could be attributed to something else. I’m still cautiously optimistic that all of these changes will end up helping most small businesses rather than hurting them. We just need to stay informed but not obsess over things we can’t control (and Google may be one of them).

    Thanks for including my post in your list too.
    Sherryl Perry recently posted..Friday Finds – Google Plus, Penguin 2.0, Twitter & Teaching Children to Code #FridayFindsMy Profile

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      I hear about sites being punished too. Maybe they should be and maybe they shouldn’t. Sometimes I hear people saying I don’t do things I am not supposed to be doing, but honestly I have no idea if that is true or not.

      I just hope that when Google releases these updates that they truly catch more spam and such than sites that are legit. I mean if they end up punishing more legit sites than the spam and cheaters in the process than that’s not good.

      It’s funny how everyone likes Google when Google likes their site and posts, but the minute their traffic drops or they get hit by one of these updates then they hate Google.

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