So You Want to Claim the Top Spot in Google

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Number OneJust about every day I hear things like: I want to be first in Google, or I want to be number one in Google, and that kind of thing. You get the idea. I think we would all like to claim the top spot in Google for every keyword, key phrase, and combination we can think of.

I don’t know if people just don’t read up and research SEO or they just think that somehow Google will say: Wow this is a really great siteBAM! Number 1 spot.

Matter of fact if someone gave me a penny every time this was asked, I swear I would be rich, and I am not joking!

Some sites are barely a few months old, if that…like a baby that just entered the world. They really haven’t accomplished much, nor have they had time to do anything yet. They want to run, but they haven’t even learned how to crawl yet. For some reason they think that they should be ranked up there with the top dogs!

The stories I read vary slightly, but nearly all of them say: I want to be number 1 in Google. Perhaps they should forget about the “I want,” and instead ask: “How do I get the number one spot in Google?”

Punch that exact phrase in Google and you should have almost 90 million results to get you started.

Believe me I want a lot things too. Let’s see my own private island in the Carribean would be nice for starters, but that’s another story.

It is all about SEO, both on site SEO (things you do on your site) and off site SEO (things you do elsewhere).

Top Spot in Google

The good news is you can learn to do your own SEO, and last time I checked there was no such thing as a Bachelors Degree in SEO. It really depends on you. How much time you are willing to put into it, and if you can commit to it over the long haul. It’s not something you do once and your done. It requires a constant and continued effort for most sites, unless your site happens to be the hottest new site on the internet that everyone is talking about.

Some people hire an SEO expert or professional. If you decide to go that route I suggest you do plenty of research first. The work they do and the price they charge varies considerably from one company or individual to the next. For instance if someone says they can get you a few thousand backlinks for $10-$20 most likely they are going to be using some form of automated software that will result in a very poor outcome. On the other hand, some SEO’s charge big bucks and outsource the work for a fraction of what they are charging you and pocket the rest.

So the key is to find someone that does quality work, knows what they are doing, and one that won’t break the bank. Otherwise, you can learn SEO and do it yourself. There are endless topics and tips available on the subject.

What’s that…it sounds like too much work?

Well who said it was going to be fast and easy to rise to the top in Google!

Do you know anyone that rose to the top of the ladder overnight? I know I don’t know anybody.

Lots of time and hard work.
Sprinkle in some good old fashioned luck.
Shake and/or stir well.
Rinse and repeat.
Equals = Your Payday!

Well obviously there is a bit more to it. Just keep in mind you can do your own SEO if you are willing to learn. It takes time so be patient. Don’t assume or expect instant results. Keep reading and researching SEO tips, and never ever resort to spammy practices just to get a quick backlink.

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    It’s really nice to see someone talking about the benefits of SEO. Even nicer to see you exposing the fact that there are countless useless cheap deals and rip off SEO companies.

    You said that you would be a rich man if you had a penny for every time you had been asked how to get to the top spot. I would be a rich man if I had a penny for every time I was appraoched by a company asking if I would like to outsource some of our SEO work.

    SEO isn’t just about getting a boat load of links. It’s about careful research, planning and implementation of the plan.

    I often see small businesses paying an ongoing monthly fee for something that I could have done for a fixed price in 2 or 3 months. Ultimately, these companies will achieve nothing more than to give a valuable industry a bad name.

    Well done to you for telling the truth about SEO.
    Steve recently posted..WordPress Plugins For SEOMy Profile

    • Reply

      I completely agree with this. I mentioned in a comment in Steve’s blog that the interaction’s important when you’re doing blog commenting, which is one of the off-page SEO techniques that a lot of people use.

      About learning SEO: Yes, you can learn it, but once your business grows, you’re not going to have enough time to do the SEO by yourself. It’s good if you have a team who’s dedicated to do that so that you can focus on the other important things in your business.

      • Reply

        Doing your own SEO is an option for new sites that don’t have a lot of money to spend. It can be very time-consuming, but if you are making money and can afford it nothing wrong with that. Just select your SEO professional or company wisely. You shouldn’t base it on price alone, which a lot of people tend to do.

    • Reply

      Someone told me a while back that they pay a certain amount of money per month for SEO. A question was then asked well what do they do or what do you get for that monthly fee. The reply was something along the lines of I don’t know SEO stuff. They didn’t seem to really know what they were paying for or what it was getting them. Good to hear there are some SEO’s like yourself out there that don’t outsource and do quality work.

  2. Robert


    Lots of time and hard work is definitely one of the major keys you need to be a will to succeed online period.

    I find out that many people who nothing about SCO are the ones who want to be Top in Google tomorrow..LOL

    I like the concept about a New website is like a newborn baby who has just entered into the world.

    • Reply

      You got that right lots of time and work are absolutely necessary. I think some people lose interest or would rather be playing a game or something.

  3. David


    Don’t forget how important Social media is to SEO these days too. SEO incorporates a number of different elements. Google has over 200 different ranking factors.

    • Reply

      Google seems to be on an update or change kick lately. I was just reading how they were getting rid of a link evaluation signal that they have been using for years. It didn’t go into a lot of detail but they did add: We have changed the way in which we evaluate links; in particular, we are turning off a method of link analysis that we used for several years.

    • alex


      The hard work aspect is true! I’m curious as to what exact impact social media has on SEO – Is it clear and measurable or a bit of a dark art?

  4. Reply

    Getting to the Google top is a hard job unless you have some unique and rarely used keywords. But the profit from such keywords is minimal as they are rarely used. So you have to compete in the popular keywords with big companies and it’s really a tough job to do.

  5. Reply

    I am going to write the ingredients on a board, with bold letters and hang it on the wall in front of my desk. The goal is the top rank and little strategic steps lead there. SEO is not a panacea. I liked your approach, thanks for sharing.

  6. Reply

    SEO is fun, although I’m not an expert in it and I certainly never claimed first spot in Google before but it’s a nice feeling to see certain keywords that I’ve tried to rank are in the top 5 spots in Google. Yes, SEO is not like “you set-it-and-forget-it” the kind of thing, you could be in the top 5 today, but you might not be tomorrow. Competition is high, hence one can never stop doing SEO. I’ve never tried any SEO services before as I think as a newbie, it’s better to learn as much as possible by doing it by myself. I’ve seen these SEO services promising to give you a few thousands backlinks from PR7 or PR8 sites on fiverr, but like you said, they probably using automated software to do the job and the backlinks are most likely of low quality.
    Peter Lee recently posted..How You Can Use Twitter For MarketingMy Profile

    • Reply

      It’s always nice to see your site or page in the top 10 in Google. There is a certain feeling of accomplishment and that you are doing something right.

      • Reply

        Mehh, now I am hungry, and craving for an ice cream sandwich.

        On the serious note, good points you highlighted Mr. DialMe. You’re quite right.. A lot of people give up at an early stage and fail to realise SEO requires a good deal of patience! Pleasing Google used to be lot easier than it is now, but it’s still not impossible.. Quality’s the key.

        • Reply

          Google seems to be making a lot of changes lately. It’s getting difficult to keep up with all their updates and changes in the world of SEO. They do seem to be making things a little more difficult, or keeping us all on our toes anyway.

  7. Jean


    Yea, the question about how to be first in Google is definitely asked a lot by many people. They seem to expect success very fast which is of course not easy in the highly competitive world of SEO. I have been working for years and I’ve still not come close to figuring out SEO as well as I’d like. It is definitely a time consuming process requiring some luck along the way too.


    • Reply

      It seems to be one of those things you have to keep up with. Something is constantly being changed or altered. Just when you think you have things figured out something changes.

  8. Zain Munawari


    Great article. People can really make SEO efforts of their own. The only process what they should follow is, do a lot of research, use the exact keyword, update the content regularly on their website. These things can really can put their website on top spot in Google.

  9. Reply

    I’ve had keywords on the first page, in the first position that did worse than page 2. That being said, I’d rather be on page 1.

  10. Reply

    Thank you for sharing some of your useful ideas in your blog. I agree with you, many of us want to be number one in Google but forgot to ask ourselves how could we get it on the top. As what you have said, work for it. It is true. Working for it and doing your best to find more latest updates in SEO and apply it as a strategy. Keep up your good work.

  11. Reply

    hello dialme..
    the article which i was looking for…
    finding you on the top rank in google search result is not an easy work to do…it takes so much patience and hard work..
    and after the panda update is is tougher than before

  12. Reply

    :)) Show one (just one!) person who doesn’t “hunt” the first position in SERP. Great article, btw

    • Reply

      There are a lot of people that spend a lot of time and work trying to get that top spot. More power to anyone that has the time and resources to do so. Good to hear you are not obsessed with reaching the top spot either.

  13. ana


    I that think the desire of being first on Google has more to do with pride than with real advantages. Being on the first page is enough. When I search something in Google, I’m not clicking on the first result. I take some time to read the site’s description and this is how I make the decision to visit or not the site. If the description is not relevant, I step to the next site. This is why on-site optimization is so important!

    • Reply

      There are some people that will manipulate or exaggerate a description to get people to visit. An attractive title and description can be helpful, but it doesn’t always mean that it is what you are looking for.

  14. Rohit kabdwal


    great article dialme.., listing a site in google’s ist page is the greatest task to perform in blogging. and its gone much more difficult to stay in the first page of google after its weird algorithimic updates like panda , penguin updates.

    • Reply

      Google has been on a update mission or something lately. I was just reading about another by Matt Cutts the other day that had to do with low quality exact match domain names. We almost need a Google update plugin or notification system these days to keep up with all of the changes.

  15. prabhat


    hey..some cool tips here. many people think that they would claim the tops spot but its bnot so easy. it takes lot of time and efforts and it can be done only with hardwork

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