So You Want To Be A Programmer

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Computer ProgrammingWhen I ask the younger generation what would they like to do when they grow up many of them say computer programming, or make video games (popular with the boys it seems). Nothing wrong with that, or having an interest in it anyway.

I don’t know many adults that are a little older that are either programmers or want to become one. Not that they are not out there, it just doesn’t seem that popular with the older generation.

There is a lot more to programming of any kind than years ago. When I was in elementary to middle school it was almost non-existent, or barely ever mentioned. I guess we had no idea that computers and technology were the future back then. The internet that we know didn’t even exist until after I was out of school.

Lucky for me though I did take an interest in web based programming in the early day of the internet. I tried to learn as much as I could, and stay up-to-date with new methods. This was pretty easy back then because technology and updates were not nearly as frequent as they are today.

There are so many different programming languages available now. Some more popular than others, but it’s nearly impossible to learn and master them all anymore. Some are kind of dependent on others and in order to create something decent you may need to learn more than one language.

I know it helped a lot to learn about programming in the early day, but again it was fairly simple back then. If I were just getting started today I would imagine it would seem a little overwhelming.

ProgrammingPHP (web programming) and Visual C / C++ (Windows programming) are probably two of the more difficult ones to master. These are really good, but they take a very long time learn. If you set them aside for several months it is easy to forget what you already learned. It can take years to get good with them, but they are worth it if you want a good job in programming one day.

Visual Basic (Windows programming) is a tough one too. I think it’s slightly easier to learn, but it’s definitely going to take a while. I took a few Visual Basic courses back in college. I really didn’t do much with it afterwards for years. When I tried to pick it up again I forgot a lot of what I had already learned.

If you do have an interest in programming great. Just remember it takes time to learn anything new. Some people are faster learners than others. You should also think about creating something as you continue learning. Even if it’s not for an employer or paying client. If you continue working on something it will help you improve your skills and you won’t forget what you have already learned.

The other thing is in order to get a decent full-time job in programming you will need a college degree. It will be a little difficult competing with other candidates that went to college. Not that they are any better than you it’s just employers are looking for college graduates especially in programming.

So if you want to become a web programmer or Windows computer programmer the sooner you start the better off you will be. If you decide it’s not for you no worries. There is nothing wrong with changing your mind either for that matter. It’s definitely not for everyone.

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    Hey Ray,

    Back when I was going to school they didn’t have computers. Oh my word, did I just tell my age… Okay, I’m sure they did but it was the very beginning stages of them.

    I know that once I was in corporate America and the computers started coming on the scene then that stuff was just way over my head. Knowing what I know now though I would have loved to learn some of this. At least some basics so I would understand it more. I can do very basic coding but I’m not bragging about it.

    I do think though it’s a great field to go into because we’re always going to need programmers.

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      I lived in a town of less than 500 people. We just got a computer lab with 10-15 computers when I was in 5th grade. They were Apple something or others with a very small monochrome screen. They didn’t even do much, but it was exciting when you are a kid. Mac’s didn’t even exist yet. The only Mac we knew at the time was a Big Mac.

      I also consider myself lucky enough to be taught how to type in 4th and 5th grade. Of course we were taught on electric typewriters because they didn’t have typing programs yet, but at least it was better than the old non-electric typewriters and I do remember them too.

      Ah the good old days!

      Definitely worth learning at least some entry level programing these days. I am not sure if they teach programing in school or what kind, but I sure would have taken it if it was available at the time.

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    I have been programming for about 20 years now. I started out with Pascal, then Visual Basic, some BASIC, COBOL, RPG, C, and Assembler.

    My main focus now is C#, and have begun to learn PHP for my blog.

    The one thing that I have learned, regardless of the programming language, is that you will need to understand the fundamentals of programming. Don’t worry so much about the syntax, but just understand the concepts of looping, variables, constants, and concepts related to object-oriented programming. If you understand the fundamental concepts. you will be able to learn different programming languages quite easily.
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      I almost took an older programming course back in college, but decide not to. I can’t even remember what it is called anymore. I would remember if I heard it, but I am almost glad that I didn’t now since I haven’t heard it mentioned in years.

      I almost downloaded C# a while back. I hear it is easier than C+, but can’t speak from experience on that one. A guy actually left a comment hear about a screen video capture program he wrote with C# and if I remember right he even provided the source code. I was going to play around with it, but I got busy with other projects and never got around to it. One of these days I may look into C# more.

      To me it can all be overwhelming at first especially if it is all new to someone, but one day it just clicks and you go oh I get it now.

  3. Pramod


    Hi mate !
    I’m a programmer , during my college days , i concentrated more on PHP and Java than System programming with C and C++ …and i’m quite happy with my decision.Learning PHP / Object oriented PHP isn’t difficult if a person knows the syntax and concepts of C and C++ ..isn’t it? .

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    Before I turned to marketing I was a software engineer for more than 7 years mostly working with Oracle.
    As you said most young people try to be programmers and so many start-up success stories fueling that dream. It’s as some are just blind to other options.
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