How to Enable Windows 7 Godmode

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Computer KeyboardHow catchy and interesting is that? Windows 7 Godmode! I don’t even recall how I came to find it, but I do recall it almost immediately caught my attention. Just about any computer geek or Windows fanatic would probably be intrigued by this one.

The title implies you can unlock some form of superpower or hidden God like ability on your Windows 7 computer. It doesn’t really give your computer the power to do anything it couldn’t already do, but more along the lines of shortcuts.

Developers and Technicians will probably appreciate and get the most use out of it, but it is still fun to play with and check out if you are a Windows 7 or computer nut.

Warning: Enable and use this at your own risk. This is for Windows 7 versions only!

How to enable Windows 7 Godmode:

1. Create a folder on your desktop.

2. Rename it to the following:

3. Open the new folder and have fun playing with all the options.

Remember: This is for Windows 7 only!


Screen shots:

Windows 7 Godmode1


Windows 7 Godmode2


Basically instead of navigating through a bunch of hoops and menus in your Windows 7 control panel Godmode provides a direct link to most features, which can help save you some time.

There are a number of other hidden features/modes you can check out if interested. Once again use them at your own risk.

From Microsoft:
Windows 7 Control Panel Canonical Names

Besides the ones in the link above here’s a few more:

You simply create a folder on your desktop and rename it to (something.string).

For example:

I haven’t tested all the strings listed here or on the Microsoft (MSDN) website, but I have tried out Godmode.

Have fun, use them and play at your own risk!

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  1. Kristy


    I am not so sure if I’d get scared or excited to try doing what you just shared above. I might as well ask my brother to do it for me. Thanks!

    • Reply

      I hear you there. It can be scary messing with the Windows environment when you aren’t sure what you are doing.

  2. Harriet


    Its always useful to have a list of handy shortcuts! Thanks for these, I’m upgrading my mum’s laptop at the moment so I’ll teach her a few of these and see how fast she picks it up!

    • Reply

      It does create a decent set of shortcuts all in one, which can make things much easier or faster to find.

    • Reply

      I still can’t find what I am looking for in the Windows 7 control panel sometimes. I know it is there, but I have to click through several screens to find it. This thing makes it a lot easier to find what I looking for.

  3. Ara


    Another great info from a computer geek. Thank you for posting your discovery. It is really helpful to know some shortcuts, I’ll try this one.

  4. Julie


    Wow! That’s really amazing! And it works! Thanks for sharing this nice trick, it’s very useful for me!

  5. Jean


    Thanks for the tip! Did not know about this hidden feature of Win7. Of course, I will proceed carefully but it is always fun to play around with these settings.


  6. Reply

    Why bother with Windows 7 when Windows 8 will be released soon? Your warning scares me enough not to try it. I prefer to test Windows 8.

    • Reply

      I just put the waring there to make sure people are aware of what they are doing. I keep hearing talk about Windows 8 too. It seems like Windows 7 just came out not that long ago. Is it just me or are they releasing new operating systems at a faster pace?

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