How Often Should You Post and What Length

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Lengthy PostsI have been reading a lot of articles recently that suggest a post should contain a certain number of words, and that you should publish new content often. Many of them go so far as to say that you should post something new on a daily basis. Ouch! Really? Daily? I don’t know how much time you have on your hands, but I know I don’t have time to write something new daily.

My personal opinion is you do not need to publish something that often. For one thing you are going to get burned out trying to keep up a pace like that. Secondly, you are going to run out of ideas, and most likely the quality level will be much lower.

I really don’t see the point of writing and posting on a daily basis unless you have a popular well established website that gets a lot of traffic. I would rather add something new one to three times per week and promote it so people can actually find it.

There are plenty of websites out there that follow a weekly publishing schedule, and some even less than that.

The other thing I have seen people talking about a lot this past week or so is how long an article should be. Usually they are talking about the number of words an article should have.

Hurry UpI honestly don’t think it matters too much as long as it is unique and original. It should obviously be more than a couple of sentences and you shouldn’t be in a hurry. I don’t have a magic number of words in mind when I write anything, but if I had to pick a number I would probably shoot for somewhere in the 500-700 range.

If it’s too short it usually doesn’t rank that well. If it’s too long people get bored and they don’t read the whole article. I did see one thousand words mentioned a few times this week, and one person said they like to write 2000-2500 word articles. Holy Shmoly that is a lot! Honestly, I don’t care how great an article is I would never read something that was 2000+ words. In fact, I probably wouldn’t finish very many 1000 word articles for that matter.

So if they are too short, then they probably won’t score so well with search engines. If they get too lengthy people tend to skim read at best. It does depend on how interesting or well written the article happens to be to some extent. I might get bored after the first paragraph and leave no matter what length it happened to be. On the other hand, I might end up reading an entire 1000 word article if it was something I really needed.

I couldn’t imagine writing 1000+ word articles on a daily basis though. That would just be a killer, and I would never get anything else done. If you can or do that’s great and more power to you. Just don’t forget to promote your content and participate in discussions on other sites too otherwise who are you writing for? Yourself?

What do you think? Do you think that you should post daily? And, do you really think longer articles are better or worth the extra time and work involved?

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    I’m the fan of sense and the plot and not the length of the text. You can fit the idea in 100 max words and be super famous… but somehow people think that writing a 1000 words post is for good. No, neither google nor readers will appreciate spending so valuable time on reading something not very new fresh and popular…
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      I have a tough time reading long posts. It has to be very catchy and interesting or something I really need to learn, fix, etc. at the moment. Otherwise, my mind starts wondering and I start to loose interest half way through. Even if it’s a news story. I usually read the shorter ones entirely, but not the lengthier ones. I think a lot of people loose interest if it is too long.

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    Write when you are inspired. Write what you want to say, not a word more and not a word less. Unless you want to please Google, in which case you might have to write a whole lot more. On one of my blogs on self-help, I have a lot of old posts that were really 50 or 100 words long. They are quick inspirational messages. Like a joke that loses its effectiveness if you have to explain it, the inspiration gets all rambly if you have to explain it. But for the sake of surviving future tightening up of the Panda algo, I am doing just that – adding rambles.
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      Tell you the truth I would rather read something 50-100 words than I would 1000+. There are some pretty short and to the point posts out there that are kind of humorous. Not sure how great Google thinks they are though. I know some popular sites that can post 150-200 word articles and rank extremely well. I guess that comes with popularity though. Thanks for adding your input.

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    i think you should post on daily basis only if you have the time otherwise, thrice a week is a good option, but that would make search engines visit n crawl your blog less often.

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      Thanks for stopping by Ige,
      I couldn’t handle a daily schedule myself I just have too many other things going on, but if you can or do that is great. I know 3 times per week can be pretty tough to keep up with too for some people. It works for a while, then one day they just give up or disappear for some reason.

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    I think you should stick to what your comfortable with. If a blog is maintained by one person it would be very hard to write every day and after a while the quality of writing will also go down.
    As for long articles I think it’s about the quality of the content rather than the length of the content. SEO wise very short articles tend to hurt your rankings. So it’s best to stick to at least 300-400 words. Anything worth writing should fall into that range.
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      I think it can be very tough to write something decent and worth writing everyday. I agree with you that the quality can suffer if you are posting on such a frequent basis. Everyone has a different opinion on what quality is, and to me a 1000 word article doesn’t necessarily mean quality. A much smaller one could trump the larger one.

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    It really depends. Tutorial/How-to articles could be pretty lengthy sometimes. If I’m interested in learning the particular tutorial/how-to, I will read it and possibly read it a few times even if it has 1000 – 2000 words.
    Peter Lee recently posted..Get Social with PheedMy Profile

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      Hi Peter,

      I have written a few tutorials myself over the years that got a little long. People will read them all the way or most of the way if it sounds similar to what they need to fix. I do get a fairly high bounce rate with them though. General articles that are long are another story for me though. If they ramble on too much I get bored easy. Kind of like one of those long boring movies. You tell yourself you should just turn it off, but you keep watching thinking it will get good any moment. Two hours later the movie is done and it never happened. You tell yourself now that was a complete waste of time. Thanks for your input.

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    Most of my articles are 500 words average and if I do have a topic that needs more coverage then I divide it into parts. It helps me keeping it under 500 words moreover I can be sure that if my Part 1 was good enough my visitors will surely come in to check out the Part 2 of that series.
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  7. Brett66


    Hi Dialme
    First off, great blog!
    I feel that most people seem to more worried about ranking and keeping the search engines happy than spending time just writing great quality content. If you write articles above 1000 words in my mind you may as well publish an eBook and give it away as a freebie on your site or blog.
    Article writing should span no more than 5-600 words unless you are explaining a technical subject matter.
    great post!

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      Thanks for stopping by Brett,

      It seems like a lot of people are so tuned into search engines and Google especially that they forget about their own site/sites sometimes. I see a lot of people everywhere else building backlinks I assume, but I rarely see them replying to comments on their own site.

      Another funny thing, well kind of to me anyway is I will read an article on a site where they are talking about how you should write for your readers not so much search engines. Next thing I know they have an article basically about how to write for Google. Go figure.

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    Great post. Having a consistent posting schedule is important. It doesn’t have to be that you’re posting everyday, just frequently enough to keep your readers informed and coming back for more. Also, I value content quality over quantity. So I’d rather post long valuable posts once per week or every other week instead of short mediocre posts every few days. Thanks for sharing your insights with us. I’m glad to have found your piece on and I hope to see more of your content there. 🙂

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      Hello Ti,

      I used to post more often, but I just couldn’t keep up with that schedule all the time. Lately I have been trying to add something new once a week. I wish I had more free time than what I do. I think once per week is still decent, and I could easily increase that to two or three times per week if I were to have more time available in the future.

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