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Cuterank Keyword RankingI have been meaning to write about CuteRank, which is a great keyword rank checker for a while now. It comes in both FREE and Paid (Pro) versions.

I know what you are thinking…Oh great one of those free things that you can barely use without upgrading to the pricey version right?

Well this was exactly what I was thinking too, but it turns out that the free CuteRank version allows you to do quite a bit. More than I was expecting actually, and probably more than enough or at least suitable for most sites.

You are limited to adding one website with the free version. The paid version ($59.95) at the time of this post will allow you to add and check an unlimited amount of domains. You also get a few more bells and whistles with the paid version. For a complete comparison between the Free and Paid CuteRank version you can check this page:

Upgrade to CuteRank Pro

Here are some of the features that you will find in the CuteRank FREE version:
Automatically check your keyword rankings on scheduled time
Check keyword positions on 300+ search engines (by language, country)
Track keyword performance as long as one year
Show keyword positions changes in charts
Show if your keywords positions went up or down
View detailed ranking history in charts and tables
Manage your keywords in keywords groups
Generating keyword ranking reports in HTML, csv, and PDF formats
Keep an SEO diary to show how keyword positions evolve with your SEO efforts
Import profiles in .pd format (generated by CuteRank)
Query keyword positions with localized proxies
Query your keyword positions from search engines with API


CuteRank setup and installation:
I for one do not like software that is confusing to set up, and I don’t want to spend an hour trying to figure out how to use something new.

CuteRank is one of the easiest programs to set up that I have used in a while.

1. Once installed it will prompt you for your web site URL.

2. Add Keywords for your web site. Select Auto Dected Keywords for it to automatically detect keywords from your meta tags. Or, you can manually add your own keyword/key phrase one per line. You can also add more, edit, or remove the ones you have any time you want.

3. Then, select the Search Engines you want to track your keyword position. You can select multiple Google, Bing, Yahoo, ASK, and AOL search engines. For example, you have the option of Google US, UK, CA, AU, IN, etc., etc.

4. Finally, wait for it to complete the keywords positions check on your selected search engines.

You can check the complete start up instructions with screen shots here:


Keyword Ranking Overview:

Cuterank Keyword Ranking


Ranking Chart Multiple Search Engines:

Cuterank Search Engine Chart


If you add a lot of keywords for your domain name you might consider changing the “Keywords delay” / to “Check next keyword delay: 10 seconds” or more, and “Apply delay on all search engines” in the “Options” -> “General” settings area. By default it is set to 3 seconds for Google only. What can happen is you will get a failed response from the search engine checks because the program is checking your keywords to fast and they block you temporarily. This can vary from a few minutes up to one hour. Setting it to 10 seconds delay or longer between checks will reduce the chances of this happening, but it will take longer.

Cuterank Keyword Delay


My thoughts:
Obviously there are a lot of SEO tools and Keyword rank checkers/trackers out there. Some of them can be a bit costly though.

I like CuteRank because it is easy to set up and use. It seems to be fast provided you don’t select every single search engine in the list, and the accuracy appears to be very good.

Finally the price is definitely right (Free CuteRank Version) is a great program that will provide you with more statistics and data then you might need. If not the paid (PRO) version is worth considering at a reasonable $59.95.

For more information, details, and for a free download check out:

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  1. Gabi


    I am totally assured, it could be a great alternative for the paid ones for me (I’ve just started my simple personal blog). Google Analytics seems to complicated for me, but this one must be more user-friendly and clear. And I hope that the free version fits for me. Thanks for this great review and for sharing the useful information.

  2. Reply

    We have been using cuterank for over a year now, and have found the software to be very easy use and reliable. However, over the last few months, there have been issues with the reporting format, no replies to emails, forums, twitter and facebook activity stopped last July, and there have been no updates for about a year. It appears that there is no longer support for the product which is a shame.

    • Reply

      Well that is a bummer. I haven’t been using it for that long yet and I am currently using the free version. So far I do like it and I haven’t had the need to contact CuteRank for support or anything like that. I guess that would be something to look into, and if that is the case then maybe it would be better to stick with the free version.

  3. Ann


    Hi there,
    Very nice tutorial on Cute Rank. The product seems to be fairly simple to install and operate, as you said. And, the price is certainly good. I’ll check into it right away. I need all the help I can get!! Thanks

  4. Reply

    There are similar tools as this that are also free, but need you to add their keyword links on your homepage in order to use them, which I’m very reluctant to do so. I really like CuteRank, been trying the free version for a week. Although it’s still early for me to tell and I still need time to play around with it, I’m beginning to like it already 🙂
    Peter Lee recently posted..Too many Passwords – How to remember them all?My Profile

    • Reply

      I haven’t been using it too terribly long, and I do forget to run updates for several days sometimes. I don’t know that daily updates is even need unless you are really into it. So far I like it and it has been a decent program.

  5. Bob


    It seems to be very promising. I guess I will give it a try for the meantime; I’ll be using the paid version if I get satisfied with it.

  6. Tan


    Look like free version only support 1 site. What do you think of Traffic Travis over CuteRank?

  7. Leo


    Thanks for this resource. I’ve been checking keywords manually everyday and this will be a great timesaver. But I’m not making enough money yet to buy paid applications, so this freebie is welcome.

  8. Mia


    That must be a really useful tool for SEO experts! Thanks for sharing it, I think I should give it a try!

  9. Cristian Stan


    I hate things without instructions too. I’m glad you gave us the steps to be made in order to install Cuterank. Thanks!

    • Reply

      Somethings are pretty simple and self-explanatory. Others instructions seem to make things more complicated than they really should be. CuteRank overall is one of the easier ones to figure out.

      • Cristian Stan


        I totally agree with you, DialMe. 🙂 Thanks for taking time to reply. Have a nice day!

  10. Reply

    Thanks for this great review. There are a few such tools available, but it depends upon one’s suitability, which one to use.

  11. Reply

    Checking keywords manually is such a daunting task. This tool can provide the much needed help. CuteRank is indeed one of the greatest time as well as an energy saver. Thanks for writing this review and introducing me to this tool.

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