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Bing and Google ResultsAfter recently voicing my disappointment with Google search results I decided I should try to find a tool or site that would allow me to search and display both Google and Bing results side-by-side. I used to do this years ago, but I haven’t needed to because I had been fairly content with what Google was showing me until now.

I know there used to be several sites that would provide side-by-side results for comparison. I could only come up with 3 older ones, and 1 newer.

The older ones appear to be a little out of date, and probably need some upgrades because they don’t work the way they should anymore, which is too bad.

The one I really liked was Bing vs. Google.

Here are some screen shots:

Main search page:

Bing vs. Google


Search results:

Bing vs. Google Results

At one time this was a great site/tool. You can hover over YouTube videos in the results and they automatically start playing. Links open in the same frame so you could actually view 2 sites at the same time in each frame. However, the Google results appear to be broken if you click on any of them, which is the part of this site that seems broken and apparently needs some form of an update. It also has the option of vertical or horizontal results, as well as Bing or Google only results.

This was one good site. I don’t have a clue how long the Google links have been broken or if they intend to fix this or not. If they do I will certainly be using this site often. Until that happens I am left with only few alternatives. is pretty much the same as Bing vs. Google, and the Google links are also broken on this one. Bing vs. Google somehow pulls data from Awooga.

Another old one that doesn’t seem to display Google results at all anymore is Compare Search Engines Google and Bing. This one allowed you to use different datacenters for results.

Since all three of these older ones don’t seem to work properly anymore the only one that I found that did was the newer Bing It On, which you may have heard of before. I know Microsoft was pushing ads on TV for a while here in the US.

This one isn’t too bad, but I would use the Bing Vs. Google site if it actually worked the way it is supposed to.

Results are displayed side-by-side, and when you click on a link it automatically opens in a new browser tab, which is a convenient feature.

You get two scroll bars. One for Bing and another for Google results. Each will scroll independently.

Bing It On

So at the current time the only option that actually works well to compare Bing and Google side-by-side is Bing It On. If you know of others let me know.

If you are not happy with Google search results, or you are looking for more diverse results be sure to check it out.

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      I used to use the Bing vs. Google site, which was a very nice site with good features. Now that it stopped displaying the results for Google at least for me I started using Bing It On. Not every time, but fairly often. It’s also a nice way to sort of compare where you might rank on both side by side if you were into that kind of thing.

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      I have been pleased with Bing’s results lately. Neither will ever be perfectly what we are searching for in every situation, not until they can read our minds maybe. Bing certainly is getting better compared to several years back. I guess it’s a matter of preference to some degree. I know they both want to provide quality results, which could be debatable. I like how Bing usually returns more variety than what Google has been providing lately.

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      I go back and forth between Google and Bing. It is difficult to give up Google completely, but Bing can be nice too. I also like comparing where something ranks on both, and it makes it easier to see the differences when you can see them side-by-side.

      I hope Bing will continue to compete with Google. I would hate to see it go or lose popularity. I read recently Microsoft is looking for a new CEO, director, or person in charge. I forget what the exact title is, but one of the candidates wants to sell Bing and other services and focus more on their core software products.

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