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Comment RepliesI used to follow SEO news a few years back quite heavily, but more recently I haven’t been so tuned into it. That could be because Google seems to be changing things so darn often that I just can’t keep up with what they are doing all the time.

I understand the value of a quality backlink and how beneficial it can be. However, I am not one to spend hours hunting one down. In fact, I don’t even look for them. If I happen to come across something of potential value, then great, but it’s not my primary focus.

Just for fun this past month of November 2013 I thought it would be interesting to see how many backlinks I got for the entire month, and where they were from. I only counted the ones that I actually did myself. I did not include any sites that may have naturally linked to my website. Also I did not take links from social media like Facebook, Google Plus, or Twitter into consideration.

Did I get a large number of backlinks in November? Not even close! Not in my opinion anyway.

The grand total…Drum Roll Please…33 total backlinks! Take that Google! I bet many of you could probably easily beat that in a given month.

The breakdown:
29 backlinks were from WordPress blog commenting.
4 were from social bookmarking sites.

The four social bookmarking sites are all nofollow. The blog comments were a combination of dofollow and nofollow. I don’t know the specific ratio because I wasn’t that concerned with whether they were or were not.

I know people that do way more than that. Heck, you might even get that many in a day or two. Should I be doing more? I don’t know maybe. I could have done more, but in my opinion it’s not all about increasing my backlinks. Lately I have been a little more selective about commenting on topics that I am more familiar with and interested in. I don’t see the point of commenting on something just for the sake of getting a backlink.

Additionally the 29 blog comments were from only 14 different websites.

Blogs I commented on in November 2013 that I enjoy (in no particular order):

The 4 Social Bookmarking sites were:

I actually only submitted one link to all four of these sites. I hadn’t added a link to any of these in six months to one year or longer. I thought since it had been so long since I had logged into them and added anything new why not!

Does the author of an article reply to your comment?

I don’t know about you, but I like it when an author replies to my comment and I receive the notification in my email box. Some people say that this could be considered spam since it was unsolicited. I don’t consider it spam because the comment wasn’t solicited either. If you are not willing to receive a legitimate reply from the author then don’t leave a comment. However, this is debatable and has been a hot topic in the past.

Several of the sites that I comment on send out replies, but only a small handful arrive in my inbox. Many of them go directly to my spam/junk folder, and some I do not receive at all anymore. I should also note that I have never marked any of the replies I receive as junk/spam.

Which brings up the question:

Do you know if your replies are actually being delivered to an inbox?

Reply to comments deliveredCertainly if a reply ends up in someones junk/spam folder the chances of them actually seeing or reading it will be reduced considerably.

If you are using either the CommentLuv Premium Plugin with the ReplyMe feature, or the older free ReplyMe plugin with a WordPress website you might think about running an occasional test to see where your message’s end up.

I would consider running a test with several different email providers if possible. Especially the more popular like: GMail, Yahoo, OutLook/Hotmail, etc. to see whether it lands in your inbox, spam folder, or completely undelivered.

If you do have another email address you could simply leave a comment on an older post, then login to your WordPress dashboard approve and reply to it. Once you do this, you can delete the test comment, and hopefully you will see the reply in your inbox.

It is also a good idea to perform a test like this a few times per year to make sure it’s working as expected.

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    I’m one of those that don’t follow SEO news as much as I used to as well. It’s just too tiring reading something that works today but might not be the same again the next day. I’m just fed up by the fact that Google just keeps changing things so often. I’m not the type of SEO guy, I don’t know much about SEO to be honest but I just keep doing what blogging should be that’s keep sharing and interacting with other fellow bloggers, and try to enjoy it that’s all. Hey, thanks for keep visiting and commenting on my site. Thanks for the mentioned here as well 🙂
    Peter Lee recently posted..What are Storage Spaces?My Profile

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      I am getting tired of Google’s frequent changes as well. I just do my own thing now and if Google likes it great, if not no big deal. I am not going to do all the extra keyword research and such like I see people suggest. It’s just too much work for too little reward, at least for my site.

      They have made so many changes that past couple of years I don’t know how they keep track of what works and what doesn’t, or what they are trying to achieve anymore.

      Thanks for visiting Peter, I definitely enjoy visiting your website.

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    Hey Ray,

    Well you commented on some good blogs there so congratulations on those backlinks. They are very well deserved and I’m glad that you continue to stop by my blog and share your thoughts with me.

    You’ve been a big help to me over time so I’m glad to call you a good blogging buddy now.

    I’ve only had one complaint from a guy who was ticked off that he received my reply to his comment in his inbox. He claimed it was spam but Andy did a lot of research before adding it to CommentLuv and it falls under all the rules.

    I politely, and yes I was polite, told him if you didn’t want to receive them then don’t comment. He thought I was being nasty but I was just speaking the truth. It’s not like I can zero him out and he not get my reply but guess what! He never came back and commented again.

    Anyway, I appreciate getting a response to my comment and that will make me want to come back again. If you don’t then I’m not going to be in any hurry to drop by.

    Thanks for the mention and hope you’re keeping up with that again this month. Good luck and enjoy your weekend.

    Adrienne recently posted..Warning: Some Backlinks Can Harm Your BlogMy Profile

    • Reply

      Hi Adrienne,

      I am pretty sure I usually visit and comment on blogs more often than this past month, but normally not too much more. I had a few more things going on than usual in November and probably into most of December, but still I try to visit some of my favorite blogs when I can. Your site is definitely one of those I enjoy visiting. You have built a great community and following.

      Regarding the comment replies I do like getting them in my inbox. I know if or when an author has replied to my comment, and it makes it easy to follow up if need be. I am using the older Reply Me plugin that does work well, but I sometimes wonder if someone will complain about receiving a reply from me because of it. I think it is fair enough that if someone leaves a comment then they shouldn’t have a problem with receiving a reply from me. I keep waiting for someone to complain about it, but so far I haven’t had a problem. If you have had only one person that didn’t like it that isn’t bad considering you get a lot of visitors commenting.

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    Great article DialMe.It’s my first time commenting on your blog and it won’t be the last.I had just got started with my website ,and your website seems to be interesting and has all the things that i need.I will be visiting more often..As concerned with the backlinks,congrats on those backlinks!.For me getting natural backlink now is hard , knowing that i just got started.I guess people will like your articles and naturally link to you.Great Website

    • Reply

      Hi Chevy,

      Thanks for stopping by. Natural links can be difficult to get especially if your site is new or in the early stages. It’s even harder to get high quality natural links. It takes time to get established and to get to know others with similar interests.

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    Hi Ray, thanks for the mention here and glad to see you are commenting around. It sure does help to learn more and get to know other bloggers better via commenting. Getting responses and having a conversation can be key with comments. Ms. Adrienne above is a queen at it! I’m more of a short and sweet commenter.
    I hear you on the Google front, one day you are good and the next day you are NOT. Go figure! Have a great week ahead Ray.
    Lisa recently posted..Many Twitter Followers Can Spread Your Tweets Further Into TwitterlandMy Profile

    • Reply

      Your very welcome for the mention. I enjoy your site as well. I do drop by a few times per week. I have been super busy working on a few projects so my commenting and such is way down for November and probably most of December. Hopefully after the new year I can get back into a more regular commenting routine again.

      I am not into Google SEO as much these days, and about give up on trying to figure them out anymore. Not that I ever tried to game the system or anything. By the way there was a Google Pagerank Update from what I understand a few days ago. It looks like they bumped your site up to a PR3 now.

      Have a great week as well.

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    Hi Ray,

    First of all I am honored to be one of the blogs that you took your time to comment. I always welcome comments on my blog, as a matter of fact I love it when people comment.

    As for SEO News, I really don’t keep up with it anymore. I stopped focusing so intently on SEO since Google is always updating things. It used to break my heart so much when Google would make changes and my site would plummet.

    Like you, I now do not focus on backlinks. Instead I focus on building relationships. I think this is a lot better because it takes your business out of Google.

    Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great day.
    Susan Velez recently posted..Make $500 On Flippa – My Christmas ChallengeMy Profile

    • Reply

      Hello Susan,

      Thanks for stopping by. I enjoy your site because you definitely have topics I can relate to, and that I am interested in.

      Google certainly can be tough to please these days. Seems like your doing well in search rankings one day, and nowhere to be found the next or vice versa. I don’t let their updates bother me anymore. If I rank well then great, if not I will keep trying, but I won’t spend hours upon end trying to figure them out.

      I think I will have to take a peek at your Flippa post when I get a chance. I’ve read about Flippa in the past, but I never knew anyone that actually used it enough to know how the process works. I just read little bits and pieces that I tried to make sense out of, but the posts I read were fairly basic and simple.

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