Am I The Only One That Hates Pop-ups?

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I hate pop-upsI have been missing in action or AWOL you might say lately. Especially to the blog world. That’s because I have been extremely busy working on several projects that have occupied most of my free time for the past 2 months.

Also because I get tired of all those pop-up things. I swear I see them the most often on blog sites. I don’t know if I just have bad luck when it comes to landing on a site that has them, or if more site owners have been adding them lately.

You know when you visit a website and you just start reading or scrolling down the page and this big box appears asking you to like their Facebook page, subscribe to their email list, download their Ebook, or similar. Those kinds of things are what I am talking about.

I know you need to put something right in front of a visitor or they won’t see it sometimes, but I am pretty sure I can find your Facebook page should I want to like it. Likewise I am pretty sure I can find your subscribe or Ebook download link too.

Honestly I wish someone would make some form of a blocker for these things. Years ago we had the pop-ups that opened in a new window that at times seemed never ending. You would close one and 2 more opened. Then, someone got smart and came up with the pop-up stopper idea, which most web browsers include and have enabled by default now.

ArghI don’t know if it would be possible to create a browser addon, plugin, extension, or what have you that would accurately block these types of things or not, but I could see it becoming very popular in a hurry if it could be done.

The only people that I can imagine that think these things are a good idea are website owners that are into marketing. I know it’s your site you can do whatever you want. That’s true, but I don’t really see how the use of these things are a good user experience in most situations.

It wouldn’t bother me a bit if Google came up with some form of a penalty or algorithm that affected sites using them. Heck, they did something similar awhile back with their too many ads or too much ad space above the fold update. I don’t see how these pop-ups are any different when you consider many of them consume a fairly large space/area. In my opinion, it’s basically the same concept.

I don’t have a big problem with using a pop-up to promote a temporary sale, or to inform visitors about scheduled maintenance on a certain date or time. It’s just when they are used regularly and routinely on every single post and page I visit that I become annoyed to the point that I leave as fast as I arrived at one of these sites in most cases.

Anyway I hope to finish up the projects I have been working on soon, and have more time for blog posting. That’s assuming something else doesn’t come up though.

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    Hi Ray. Glad to see you around, and welcome back to the blogging world! It is disheartening to see so many bloggers abusing the pop-up plugins for such petty purposes. I’ve seen some even putting adsense ads in it, and it’s about time Google consider pop-up abuse in its next major SEO update.
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      I have seen a few that had Google Ads in them as well as other advertising networks. I don’t know if the people doing this don’t read or understand what is allowed and not allowed or if they just don’t care. It makes me wonder about some of the people complaining about their accounts being disable or terminated had it coming to them for something like this.

      I just get so tired of trying to read something and one of those darn things pop up or open wanting something from me. It only takes a second to close it, but lately if I see one I just leave because I am getting tired of them. Maybe I just have bad luck in my searching and landing on sites lately though.

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    hii Jeremy LeSarge – AKA: Ray ,

    I do agree with your point , pop-ups are the things used by the website owners to promote their blog, and to increase triffic to their blogs. but what happens is in the view of users if they are concentratede to read any article/information in the site if a pop-up comes at that time they will get irritated by that thiss the user may not visit that site agian this leads to decreased traffic inspite of increasing the traffic to that site.

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    Love them or hate them, pop-ups are effective. They work, reason why people use them. They are not my favorite, but I understand why they are used, so I don’t let them bother me.

    If your website is about making money or putting leads on your lists, it’s a tool of the trade. Few additions to a website, like sidebar optins or ads pull as well as pop-ups.

    I hate tv commercials, but those work as well. Same for the new ad pop-ups that pop DURING shows.

    Sorry, just my opinion 🙂
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