7 Free Uptime Monitoring Services for your Website

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Uptime MonitorsMany web hosting companies will state they have a 99.5% to 99.9% uptime. Some of them even guarantee it or they will give you some form of credit if they don’t meet it.

How do you determine whether or not your host is meeting their uptime guarantee percentage? Good question. Generally you don’t. They are not going to send you an email and say: Hey guess what we didn’t meet our monthly uptime guarantee we are going to give you a free month of service. That’s just not going to happen, but overall your hosting company doesn’t want to see down time any more than you do.

Maybe your site seems to be up and running fairly smooth most of the time and you don’t even think about down time. But, what about when you are sleeping? At work. On vacation. Or, just out and about. Are you confident enough that your website is up and running smooth at times when you are away?

One of the best ways to monitor your up and down time is to use a Website Monitoring Service. There are several different companies that will provide monitoring checks that range from totally free to a few dollars per month.

The following is a list of Free Uptime Monitoring Services you can use to check and monitor your website at regular intervals.


7 Free Uptime Monitoring Services for your website

You can monitor 1 website at intervals as frequent as every minute. They can send you sms and email alerts when your site is down. You will also receive a monthly report.

Uptime Robot
Monitor up to 50 websites with 5 minute intervals. If a website goes offline, get alerts via e-mail, SMS, RSS, Twitter or push notifications.

Monitor 1 website with 30 minute interval checks. Receive alerts by IM, SMS, E-mail, RSS.

Monitor and check your website every 15 minutes. Receive email and IM alerts when your website is down.

Monitor and check up to 5 websites at 15 minute intervals. Email and SMS alerts when your website is down.

Monitor and check 1 website at 60 minute intervals. Email notifications. Fairly limited, but suitable for small personal websites.

Check and monitor 1 website with 30 or 60 minute intervals. Receive email alerts about downtime. This one is a little limited and probably suitable for smaller sites too.

The sites mentioned above all provide free monitor checks. Some are a little more limited than others, but for free they are worth looking into. They do have paid versions that include more features if you need more.

Each of these services only takes a couple of minutes to set up. You don’t need to add code or modifying your website. All you do is sign up and enter the website you want to monitor and that is pretty much it.


Other services worthy of checking out:

Is my site / a site down for everyone or just me?
If your website appears to be down or inaccessible you can use this free online tool to verify whether it is just your local computer, or if it down for the entire world.

Just Ping
A convenient quick pinging tool you can use to check to see if your website is up.

WatchMouse Site Monitor for Windows
This is an interesting little tool you can download and install on your local computer. You can use it to check and monitor your website uptime right from your desktop.


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  1. David


    Have never used any of these services before, thanks, I’m glad there’s a way of keeping host’s to their guarantee.

  2. Reply

    You have a very good point on your initial arguments. After all, which company will tell you they are at fault and will reimburse you for the damage that was done?

    This is really a great article. Thanks for the things you shared!

  3. Reply

    Very nice tools you’ve mentioned here, I’m using some of the free ones. A website does not exist to the online world if it is down too often and too long. Worse still, it hurts search engine rankings that’s for sure. I think we should invest some time or probably some money on these tools to help us check and monitor our sites at regular intervals. Uptime is just sooooo vital.
    Peter Lee recently posted..Moving from Blogger to WordPress : The How-to Guide Part 1My Profile

    • Reply

      Sometimes you don’t realize that your site does have some down time. These free tools will definitely let you keep an eye on uptime / downtime.

  4. Mary


    I always suspected my hosting company lies about that percentage, but i didn’t know there are websites that can measure the uptime.
    I’ll give it a try with Pingdom on one of my websites.

  5. Jean


    Thanks for recommending these. I’ve been hearing complaints about downtime on some of my time so I think it’s time for me to get a new monitoring service.


  6. Reply

    THere are many other free website monitoring sites. For example, Internetseer, the worlds largest website monitoring service with over 1 million small businesses relying on us to notify them of a problem also offers free monitoring and advanced monitoring services.

    Internetseer has been around since 2000 and has earned the trust of small business as the source for website monitoring.

    • Reply

      WatchMouse is a nice tool I have used in the past. There are so many tools out there now many of which are totally free.

  7. Kevin B


    Some great services, though I some of these I’d term as freemium rather than truly free – i.e. the moment you want to make use of a particular feature you need to upgrade to a paid account.

    A website uptime monitoring service that I’ve recently tried alongside Pingdom is StatusCake.com – http://www.statuscake.com – which allows unlimited websites to be monitored, checks for uptime every 5 minutes and sends alerts by email, skype, twitter or SMS text. Definitely worth checking out.

  8. Reply

    thanks for writing, I have been looking for a free website monitoring service and found Uptime Robot as mention in your blog post. Just added a couple of my it within it and looking good

  9. James


    Very useful list. I would suggest adding GotSiteMonitor.com to the list. It also gives user 5 free website monitors with 5-minute monitoring interval and multiple monitoring locations.

  10. Bradley Smith


    This list would be very useful for webmasters or business owners that are planning to start their own website, I think monitive . com would be a great addition to the list, they have a free monitoring plan for bloggers but of course there are some limits unless you upgrade your account.

  11. Reply

    Great list, another point we have experienced with customers is they believe that the Hosting company monitors their website, they associate the guided uptime from a provider will be the same for their own website.

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